Really, cake is pretty easy, and for oddity’s sake, a lot of the cakes I’ve made of late have been nearly flourless. This example from the heart of France is simple and unassuming with a mild sweetness, a fairly dense crumb, and on its own is not really an amazing round.

Flour, ground hazelnuts, sugar, and only a little butter along with a few egg whites whipped to a frenzy and folded in. Baked for 18 minutes, leaving waaay too many dirty dishes behind (food processor, stand mixer, etc.) so in the future, unless I have an assistant or two to clean up after me, I’m going to have to simplify the process a bit.

Still, not shown here is the fruit compote which I threw together. A blood orange, a big fat peach, a semi-ripe mango, and a mix of red wine and sugar and roasted for thirty minutes at 350 degrees. I had to add a bit of wine and corn starch at the end to thicken the watery mix, then drain in my newly bought Chinoise. The hazelnut cake by itself isn’t such a much, but the compote brings it together.