My wife, bless her heart, has very high expectations…not only for herself, but those around her. We, after nearly 28 years of marriage, don’t really let little tiffs blow up into marital vendettas, but here’s the thing: after all this time, there are two things that have remained consistent:
1) my wife is very consistent
2) her husband (that would be me) remains…inconsistent

When I made the Poulet Sauté aux Echalotes this evening, I pretty much followed the recipe…and while not quite to the letter, adjusting amounts based on the volume of the meal only, this resulted in a ‘reasonably tasty dish’ which…was under seasoned (at least as far as the salt was involved for the sauce).

At this point in time, I’m not sure whether or not this is a winner or not. Is it good? Yes, it’s reasonably tasty but it’s not an amazing flavor combo…it’s pretty good.

Yes, I should have tasted for salt– as my wife consistently reminds me…and I consistently fail to consistently implement. I’ll try to more in the future…for obvious reasons (avoiding fights with my wife, for one).

Here are the chicken thighs.


Here it is after the chicken has browned, the shallots and garlic have caramelized, the tomatoes have been added, and the cognac has blue-flame and been added.


On the plate, folks…


Alas, I remain the worst picture taker on this blog. That, at least, I will try to improve.