A few days ago I made a couple of chocolate press-in dough type tarts, and put them in the freezer for the eventual time of necessity–mainly my wife moaning for dessert. I took this one out of the freezer into the fridge to defrost, but for a couple of evenings since I was too busy or too tired to actually getting around to making something with it, it languished there uncovered for a day or two in the refrigerator.

And the strawberries I bought were going south fast, this being the end of season and all. So while I put together chicken stock on the stovetop, I baked the chocolate tart and put it aside. When it came time for the filling, I quickly realized that when I had pre-baked the tart I hadn’t put any bean weights into it to allow the tart to hold its shape, so I in essence had a nice, flat chocolate cookie.

I picked out the best strawberries, cutting them from recognizable shape to a rough dice, added a dollop of creme fraiche and a teaspoon or two of sugar, and simply spread the concoction over the chocolate tart….er…cookie-thing.

Wife liked it–and I had to agree, the chocolate tart-cookie was delicious and the creme fraiche/strawberry mix wasn’t awful. It wasn’t an elegant dessert, but the flavors worked and for a result from compounded errors, the final adaptation to its diversity came out okey-dokey.