My wife and I like streaks…occasionally.

Tonight I took a 12 ounce ribeye and decided to prepare it slightly a bit differently from my standard. Once the steak reached room temperature, I seasoned it with salt and pepper, heated the oven to 500 degrees and the iron skillet as well, and then put the skillet onto the stovetop for another few minutes to superheat it.

Oh, here’s the steak seasoned.


Then into the skillet, and upon 30 seconds for each side, then two minutes per side in the oven, then five minutes rest…under a foil tent.


Under the tent, it sits on an inverted bowl for a reason I can’t recall. Somehow it keeps the juices in?


Naturally, something light to accompany it, so a group of varied veggies roasted complemented the meal.

Finally, add half a disc of a St. Marcellin cheese on top of the steak which adds a crazy richness. Wifey wasn’t keen on the cheese (stinky, she says) but I liked it.


To complement the richness of the steak, I roasted several different veggies.


The steak cooked perfectly but wasn’t a great cut, as it turned out. Hey, no worries.