After my 4-course dinner meal (salad, soup, main and side), I decided I didn’t have much choice about not making dessert. I had all the ingredients, but as ever, never enough mouths to feed it to.
(Even tonight, I couldn’t finish my salmon croquettes (two out of three).

We contacted our regular dinner pals A&B if we could drop by their place tomorrow or Monday evening to share this bountiful dessert– they are typically pretty busy and social so its a bit of a longshot– we’re both kinda stay-at-home types these days, as our interests revolve around, for me my kitchen and for my wife, her proclivities toward printmaking.

In any case, here are some sad pics of dirty dishes and mixing bowls to give a clue about the dessert appearance. Wifey was disturbed that the smell of chocolate that filled the kitchen as she worked on her etching at the table was too cruel (won’t be ready till tomorrow at best after chilling overnight) so…


I let her lick the bowl.

The following evening after a light dinner of pizza romesco I made a quick blueberry and strawberry coulis to accent the dense chocolate terrine. It worked perfectly. The hardest aspect was removing the chocolate dessert from its loaf container– a quick dip into a makeshift Bain marie did it.


Result? Delicious, rich, chocolatey decadence accented by the slightly acidic fruit coulis. Tomorrow I’ll provide whipped cream for our guests as whipped cream is on The List of foods less preferred by lovely wifey.