I originally found this recipe on Epicurious, and as I am always comparing recipes to others to see the established variations, given a member of my household’s cat’s tongue proclivity, I left out the jalapeño obviously. My wife (ok. Secret is out) has always told me whenever possible to make the recipe in half-spicy, half-regular versions, but often this isn’t workable or too much of a bother. For what it’s worth, I keep enough varied hot sauces around should the need arise for heat.

The variations include simply doing it on the stovetop or putting it in the oven at 400 deg to finish off the eggs. As my smallest non-stick skillet only handles up to 350 deg inside the oven and my Scanpan non-stick is golden up till 500 deg, well…I used the larger skillet and made a bit more than either of us might eat. It leaves one serving for another day.

The result is tasty enough, with very light salting and the sprinkled feta doing the legwork for the salt content. The work time before skillet time of perhaps 15 minutes is cutting onion and garlic and opening a can of stewed tomatoes and garbanzos. Crack a few eggs over the tomato mixture and bake for 5-8 minutes. Cumin, pimenton (paprika) is the flavor base, and its an easy breakfast dish if you’ve got 20 minutes to play with before leaving for work. Otherwise, a fine brunch notion or even simple dinner.