The recipe I have for popovers has been culled from a dozen different efforts over several months till this final one, adapted from one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks, made the final cut.

This morning as the long Labor Day weekend kicks off, I thought to simply reduce the recipe by one third to reduce waste (uneaten food). However, while I did reduce every ingredient by the requisite 33%, I oopsed a bit and kept three eggs instead of two. When I looked at the batter resting in its Pyrex container, I thought there was a lot of volume there and it only took a moment to realize what had happened.

I didn’t think that an extra egg would harm the results, but as you can easily note, the extra leavening really gave these popovers a bit more oomph in their rise (with the sad exception of the one on the left which, actually was a bit of remainder that wasn’t enough for a regular-sized popover.)

Definitely richer and ‘eggier’ than other batches, but still tasty. In the near future, I may attempt to make mini-popovers with my smaller silicone brioche molds, which would also be great for serving as appetizers, particularly if adding more savory elements to them.