I had bought a pound or so of hake fillets at Trader Joe’s which provided enough fillets in the one packet to serve two meals at least–when serving for two people each night. Last night, and unreported here, was an en Papillote dish of hake with julienned veggies with a spring of thyme, a small pat of butter, and a tablespoon of white wine. Served with brown rice, it went over really well with my personal Gordon Ramsey, wife Angela.

Tonight it was a marinade of coconut milk, garlic, galangal, basil, all thrown into the food processor, then the fish is dunked into it for a few minutes. Afterwards, put it en Papillote or foil or, as we say in English, cooked in parchment, and cook at 350 deg for 15 minutes. I added some julienned veggies once again and served with brown rice.

So good! A definite keeper in the recipe box.

For dessert, a chocolate mango mousse with Thai inspired ingredients which, when served with crushed pistachios, really came together, even if only chilled for less than half the requisite time.