I had longganisa sausages at home, rice, and the equivalent to Filipino Kangkong ready to cook tonight when…somehow, Japanese cuisine entered my head. I left the cheese island at work and walked over to the meat counter and saw sardines in the case. Bought two (only $1.68!!), a bottle of sake, and a long, thin Japanese eggplant.

Drove over to Tokyo Fish Market where I bought some oshinko, shiso, and a bottle of Asahi dry. Even got some tonkatsu sauce and a couple of Kara-age chicken pieces in their bento section.

At home I cleaned the fish, ran the guts into the garbage disposal, and rinsed off the fish. Removed the heads, scaled them a bit, then deboned it…though this particular sample was really boney. Salted them both liberally as shioyaki requires and put them in the fridge.

Salted the eggplant to remove as much moisture as possible, and prepared the marinade of shiro miso, rice vinegar, sugar, and ginger and put all into the fridge to continue marinating.

Turned on the broiler, put the iwashi in for about 3-4 minutes each side, and while that continued I nuked the brown rice, nuked the sake, and cooked the eggplant.

Put the grated daikon into a small bowl, put the pickles into a small bowl, and dinner was ready.

Fwiw, sardines are incredibly rich in omega-3 oils, are incredibly tasty, and broiling rather than frying is certainly a ‘good thing’.