I recently purchased through Amazon a cookbook from several years back, A New Way To Cook by Sally Schneider. Essentially, it is filled with recipes and cooking methods that attempt to keep the flavors and fun of those rich, fatty, creamy meals we all love but need to eschew due to keeping ourselves out of the fat farm and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Steam-roasting is one fantastic method of cooking vegetables (known as en Papillote to the French) and the author suggests a couple of ways to reduce the fats of the typical roasting method (drizzling the veggies all over with olive oil). I took about a tablespoon of rendered pork fat with a bit of water and brushed the bottom of a piece of foil, then placed my parsnips, shallots, and broccoli on top and drizzled it with what was left of the fat, then added salt and pepper along with some herbs or aromatic input, then sealed it shut and baked it at 450 for about 20 minutes.

They came out cooked very nicely with even a bit of sear on some of the broccoli florets.

Here is the mystery bag!


Not to sit on my success, I also made some silken tofu aioli mayonnaise which, alas, my wife judged as too spicy (too much garlic in her estimation–I partially agree). I’d show you a picture but its Frickin’ mayonnaise, ok? Nothing to get excited over.

The veggies came out nicely while the Tuscan Beans with sage and garlic were less of a hit. “No contrast of flavors,” my wife said sadly. I agreed again, so perhaps next time I’ll throw in some cooked bacon or pancetta. It was certainly edible and filling, but did not have that ‘wow’ factor I continually strive for.