I had planned to prepare a simple pasta with shrimp and garlic tonight, bringing home the ingredients I needed when, attached to my gate outside I found an advertising circular for Spoonrocket.com, a new fast food delivery service currently serving Albany, Berkeley, and Emeryville.


Hmm. Oh, yeah…those guys. Ten minutes delivery? Gourmet, healthy meals? For $6 each?

Well, yes.

Some weeks ago I had enrolled with them but got distracted with life, and another time their two daily entrees were quickly sold out. Hmm. So its 445 PM, I sat down on my front porch with an iPad and ordered one each of their daily offerings (they offer one vegetarian and one meat entree each day). I was already registered, so quickly entered my credit card info and ordered. Cost? $6 each entree plus local sales tax, plus an option of no tip, 10%, 15%, or 20%. I touched the 15% button so our two meals cost about $15. Roughly $7.50 apiece.

This is a status update on your SpoonRocket order. It is now next up for delivery and should arrive in approximately 4 minutes. Thank you.

The text repeated itself a moment later, and I even got a phone call with a recorded message. As per the online agreement, we meet the delivery vehicle at the curbside and voila–we have two full, complete meals on our dinner table in less than ten minutes.

The food was quite delicious; we were both surprised. Today was Filet Mignon on a skewer, with an orange rosemary marinade on spiced couscous with baby yellow pattypan squash. The vegetarian dish was Involtini Aubergine, fresh thinly sliced eggplant rolled around a filling of quinoa and Jarlsberg cheese with a covering tomato coulis, baby potatoes, and braised chard.

Very, very good.

I have to say that I highly recommend this service for both food quality as well as speed of delivery. A few disclaimers here, and noteworthy extras–we live only about 4 blocks from their location. A six minute turnaround isn’t surprising. Additionally, membership right now is free unless you are one of the fortunate members who signed on very early and somehow earned lifetime free membership. At some point, the business will start to charge $40/year membership dues, no doubt to bolster the bottom line during these early days of operation. Personally, $40/year doesn’t seem such a much. It’s also possible they may raise their prices at some point. Will it be $8 or $10? Hard to say, and you will all have to make your own determinations as to the value of the service at that time.

I can say now without equivocation that my wife and I are fans. We will probably order again in the future–at $6 a pop for a good, promptly delivered healthy gourmet meal, you can’t really go wrong.