I don’t make my own pizza dough.

Not that my general disposition isn’t toward making things all from scratch, but we all have to draw the line somewhere due to time constraints or money…or whatever. I often will buy Viccolo’s Original Corn Crust Pizza shells, about $5.99 (two in each package) at my local grocery (Berkeley Bowl West). I keep them in the freezer and they can be taken out of the freezer just before baking with only the addition of about five more minutes of cooking time.

Very convenient and very easy. Tonight it was an old standby. I heated up a frozen wedge of my ‘famous’ romesco sauce as a light base, sliced tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella, Peruvian sweety drop pepper, anchovies, and fresh basil leaves shredded over the top.

425 degrees for about 13 minutes and you’ve got dinner. I generally prefer pizza with minimal ingredients, in most cases no more than 4-5 total, but those that work and play nicely on the palate together. Sauce, tomatoes, anchovies, peppers, and fresh mozzarella. That’s five, right?

Nothing wrong with pizzas that have the kitchen sink disposal of ingredients on them, but with fewer items, you have a more elegant dish with more distinguished flavors.