I’ve made this before as one large-ass tart in an 11″ tart pan and it came out beautifully. This time, in trying to spread the wealth…and the calories…I doubled the recipe and made enough for 7 small 3-4″ tarts for individual servings.

Of course, non-technically speaking, each small 3″ or 4″ tart is enough for two people to share if they’re worried about the caloric aspect, but I’m not going to judge: its a pretty tasty dessert so wtf eat all you want.


This afternoon baking event took me a lot less time than before; familiarity breeds speed as somebody probably said. From start to finish, the time involved was perhaps three hours.

The recipe…


Here are the steps…

1) start messing up your kitchen by making the chocolate press-in dough, begun in the stand mixer bowl with sugar and butter creamed together. Add one egg yolk and mix.
2) second bowl to be cleaned is the mixing bowl for the flour and the Dutch process cocoa powder. Whisk together and add to the creamed sugar-and-butter mixture.

The hazelnuts, all toasted and ready…


That’s just two bowls to clean so far.

Take your dough and divide it up into as many tart pans as you might need–in this case it was seven (7) little ones, using your fingers and small, flat surfaces to press in the dough and shape it.
Now bake the little tart pans of dough till they’re done, sorta tricky because these are smaller and will bake more quickly as well as the fact that they are chocolate brown and visually are difficult to determine when baked.

The dough…it’s gone!


Now curse and head out the door, because you realize that you don’t have enough heavy cream. #%$&@!! Go to the Hispanic grocer down the street (Mi Tierra) then come home and heat up the milk and butter together till all is melty welty. Put aside, now you have to make the caramel.

…aaaand…the filling sans caramel and hazelnuts…


Water, lite corn syrup, and sugar get heated up till it turns the color of honey. Hell, that never happens so after ten minutes of checking and waiting, give up and be content that the caramel is pretty damn thick already and get over it.


Oh, don’t forget to roast your hazelnuts. Whew! Empty into a bowl and ignore the ones that fall on the floor and deal with them later.



So, here's your cleanup scorecard:

Mixing bowl for flour and cocoa powder.
Mixing bowl for creaming butter and sugar.
Pot for cooking milk and butter.
Pot for cooking caramel.
Baking tray to bake final tarts.
Double boiler to melt chocolate for final decoration.
Stand mixer again for the Frangelico whipped cream.

Six pieces of kitchen equipment to clean, plus one done twice, all for you. Jesus, the things I do.

But really…when you clean as you go, its never that bad.