Damn. Sorry no picture this time around.

Every salsa I’ve made has been fairly simple and uncomplicated; either guacamole or salsa fresca. Both are tasty enough but provide little challenge, and yet they lack any depth or intricacy of flavors.

So when I tried one of Rick Bayless’ recipes from Salsas That Cook, the result was simply amazing, simply by using one simple process.


I started with three plum tomatoes and a fresh poblano pepper under the broiler for about 15 minutes till they were heated through, charred on all sides, then followed up with some garlic and sweet red onions for 15 minutes at 425 degrees.

I removed some of the charred skin from the pepper, along with the seeds, then tossed all into the food processor along with some salt, tomato paste, and cilantro. And for added fun, a teaspoon of thyme.


Restaurant quality salsa, I kid you not. Totally kickass. Rick had described this as a mild cousin to the roasted tomato with jalapeño salsa on a page somewhat earlier, and fool that I was, I assured my wife that she would soon have a salsa that wouldn’t send her cat’s tongue to the milk bowl.

Boy was I wrong. His use of the word ‘mellow’ didn’t quite sit with wifey when she tasted it.

Alas! Complex, flavorful…one of the best I’ve ever made.