It’s July 4, 2013 and so far my wife and I celebrated by sleeping in till past 9am…quite unusual. The first thing I did was to do the dishes in the sink, then figure out how to bake only two scones rather than the usual eight or so…in deference to my wife who is watching her calories (as do I) and I figured we didn’t need to have another six of these calorie-busters sitting in the freezer (not really calorie-busters per se…only perhaps 350cal each, but its summer and so…)

I decided to make blueberry scones as…well, I had blueberries. I simply, roughly is it turns out, made a third of the original recipe and dividing odd numbers is always fun. One cup flour, one third cup butter, 2T of sugar, a pinch of salt, and a little over a single teaspoon of baking powder. No cup of blueberries, but a handful ish. Much easier to work a batch of two scones rather than eight, let me tell you.

And then coffee for a late breakfast.

Plans are afoot for a small outdoor grill of marinated steaks this evening, along with sangria, baked sweet potatoes, and freedom.