Huh, we were in such a hurry to eat and savor this, we started eating before I got the pic taken–but it was an afterthought. My apologies–but this was damn good.

I started out with Bon Appetit June, 2013 issue and pulled three recipes out of it–a pleasure now because I’ve hardly done any cooking in the past two weeks or so, what with my new job as the manager of a cheese department in a large, natural grocery here in Berkeley as well as traveling to Los Angeles to visit our son…and eating out down there like crazy (see a post and review of our Los Angeles Food Tour soon).

First, Alain Passard the famed French chef who pulls odd pairings together that somehow work had a simple recipe of Sautéed Green Beans and Peaches. With a splash of Spanish sherry, toasted slivers of almond, and salt and pepper…delightful. Delicious.

With a skirt steak marinated in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, I dressed this quickly-cooked meat with a simple yet tasty Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette of cooked tomatoes, cut in half or crushed, along with shallots, then finished with red wine vinegar and chopped chives. The sauce is quite versatile for other dishes, as well.

From the article of Picnic in Provence, I chose the cute little dessert of Little Apricot Cakes, all baked in a standard muffin pan. Easy and quick, if I were to bring these along with the Provençal chicken, simple marinated vegetables and white bean tapenade the rest of the picnic called for, that would be one hella picnic.