I’ve got till midnight to stuff my face.

Tomorrow morning I report to the ambulatory surgery center of my hospital for my…’procedure’ which is an outpatient service: in by 930, home by 4pm, so no food after that time. Or so it is supposed to go. If you are absolutely curious and have a strong constitution, google ‘ureteroscopy lithotripsy’, have a glass of water to splash on your face, and email me in the morning.

Tonight I once again turned the classic patatas de tortilla on its side (otherwise known as tortilla de espanola.) Purists will use only olive oil, potatoes, and eggs and even eschew onions (god bless ’em) but no such being am I. I’ve added avocado, cheese, jamon Serrano, and chorizo in the past to the joy of guests, and while it steps away from the purists in certain parts of Spain…well, if Ferran Adria can add frickin’ potato chips to his version of this Spanish omelette, I’ll be damned if I could risk any less.

As garnish for this delightful egg dish to which I added (not enough in my wife’s opinion) sweety drop peppers, I quickly mixed together some aioli (add garlic paste to regular mayonnaise and keep quiet about it) as well as a nice, green tomatillo salsa (tomatillos, Vidalia onion, jalapeño pepper, kosher salt, cilantro, food processor DONE), which my wife discovered was delightful when mixed together…even inviting me to add more jalapeño heat to the salsa because the aioli would be tempered by its creaminess.

Note: to make your own tomatillo salsa and make it as flat and boring as possible, cut open your jalapeño and simply remove the seeds and the little membrane. Instant boring salsa. Now that I have special dispensation from the wife, I will BRING THE HEAT.

Add heat? Who is this woman sitting across from me?