I was at Berkeley Bowl West filling out my forms for my new position as manager of the cheese department when it was suddenly 530 and hey–I was in my favorite grocery store and it was time to shop for dinner,

Wifey wanted Filipino food when I asked her and…sorry, not tonight, give me some notice!! Instead, I decided to revisit fish in parchment paper so all I really needed were some vegetables and fish–hmm. Those boneless trout would do fine.

Cut out some onion wedges thinly, season the fish inside and out with salt and pepper, and stuff with fresh thyme, parsley, and rosemary. Sliced lemon to cover the fish, a drizzle of olive oil and white wine, and a dab of quickly puréed butter with lemon and shallots on top. Slice some zucchini along the side, or whatever your favorite vegetable might be–asparagus could work–wrap the entire fishy in the parchment paper, seal (next time I’ll use an egg wash to hold the parchment sealed, and 400 degrees later and 12-15 minutes into the future, dinner.

At four minutes in I’ll toss in a couple of rolls to finish baking, and a cold torrontes white from Argentina is chilling.


Final Jeopardy answer? Wife found it mildly flavorful but lacking ‘punch’ and contrast. The first thing I noticed when it slid out of the oven was the delightful wine-ish aroma that wafted towards me. The flavors were soft and subtle, despite the rosemary’s tendency to overpower flavors. All in all, a gentle dish very aromatic and pleasing. If I were to provide contrast, my wife’s most constant critical consideration, perhaps some vegetables that provided a bit of crunch cooked outside of the Papillote or perhaps rice instead of bread to absorb the juices.