Today is supposed to be a day off but circumstances, life…all that have foiled my preference of sitting on the back porch, firing up the Weber barbecue, and trying to figure out how to use it.
Instead I’ve biked up to Shattuck to pick up the urn for my Mom’s ashes, pedaled over to Berkeley Bowl West to get some staples and fruit (we can’t run out of sweety drops or my addicted wife will be on the streets), and soon off to work to help cover the closing hours of the store while our manager is on vacation.

I also refuse to keep spending $$ on fairly decent sandwiches at Semifreddi’s Bakery nearby as it all simply adds up every day. So…as I sit chilling on the porch, looking out at a supremely balmy, warm Monday, I decided to make a sandwich.

Whole wheat bread.
Dijon mustard.
And Korean Gochujang sweet/hot pepper paste.

Bring along a ripe mango and lunch on the cheap is assured. I’m sure that the Gochujang element is a bit screwy to some sensibilities but its actually tasty…and definitely fast food. A little sweetness is never unwelcome and a spicy kick never hurt either.