I had planned on making a simple pasta with sauce last night, but the weather was so pleasant that I opted for Vietnamese Spring Rolls instead. While in Berkeley Bowl, I scared up a recipe from allrecipes.com and it looked simple enough…cooked shrimp, vermicelli rice noodles, and a blend of chopped lettuce, cilantro, mint, and basil.

The actual rolls took a few oopsies to get right, but even then, the rolls were relatively flavorless, though mildly aromatic from the herbs. Not a great start.

Two dipping sauces were suggested, one a mix of hoisin sauce and crumbled peanuts and the other a clearish blend of water, lime juice, sugar, garlic, fish sauce, and one other ingredient–hot chili sauce. Epic meh. The hoisin and peanut dipping sauce was tasty enough in that they came from but the dipping sauce, well… We might as well have dipped them in water for all the flavor present.

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on this item, but as my wife isn’t generally keen on fresh Vietnamese spring rolls (ask her about fresh lumpia, though–the Filipino take) so it may be a while till I attempt these again.

The recipe was on allrecipes.com which has its hits and misses.