Last night after preparing a potluck for my wife to take to work, I broiled a couple of Filipino eggplants in order to save time this morning when I prepared Tortang Talong for breakfast.

This is a staple comfort food for many of my wife’s side of the family. Essentially one takes eggplant and bakes or broils it to doneness, remove the skin, mash it flat with a fork, then drizzle it with beaten egg, salt, and pepper in a skillet. It ain’t rocket science, but every time I’ve made it for her, she appreciates it, acknowledges the effort, and says ‘Closer this time,’ and I look up to the ceiling where the ancient Filipino gods look on in judgment and implore them for guidance.


I do realize that I’m competing with an ideal in her head from her youth that I may never be able to match so I’m not overly concerned with success–as it may be impossible. Still, it looked pretty good on the plate.


PS–the ever ubiquitous sweety drop peppers adorn her plate as edible garnish. She will add these to any dish to improve it (IHHO).