Traditionally the BBQ and the grill are the province of the male in the home…probably because its outdoors, it deals with big slabs of meat, and…and…it’s dirty. And I don’t have the tools. I don’t ha the experience. It’s all such a hassle.

But if anyone knows me, they know that impossible is not a word in my vocabulary when it comes to food (not that I haven’t basked in failure prior to achieving my goal). I mean, how hard can if be? When I cook a steak on the stove, I heat up the skillet, sear the meat, and things cook to where I want them. But here’s the difference–I turn a knob on the stove.

With a charcoal grill, I tear up newspaper, shove it in the bottom of a chimney ‘thing’ and put charcoal briquettes into it. Then light a fire, watch from a distance to watch…and wait…keep the smoke out of my eyes…till the charcoal inside looks reddish and ashen (ten minutes or more).

Is it supposed to do to look like this?


And then you dump them into the charcoal…thing and replace the grate. Are the vent holes open in the bottom and the top? I think they’re supposed to be open. Right?

Then you wait another ten minutes. Is it hot enough? How do you tell? But then I plop my plancha grill on top of the charcoal grate, but its cold as iron. Now how long will it take to heat up? Ten minutes?


I just put those pieces of skirt steak down. Nowhere near ready. Hey, that’s the same pic! #%$&!


These skirt steaks are thin and usually only need maybe a couple of minutes on each side to get to a happy medium rare, and while they are searing ok…it’s been several minutes on just the one side, so its my guess that these pieces are going to be closer to shoe leather if this goes on.


So much to consider, so many variables. Types of charcoal, how much charcoal, and what is being grilled. Aargh. But I like a challenge. These turned out flavorable enough though a bit tougher than one would prefer, but I learned something.

Baby steps.