I have a good friend who has a fairly basic appreciation about food. It’s very…pedestrian, though I don’t mean this is as a slight. He simply…isn’t a big fan of the exotic. He is, almost literally, a meat, pasta, and potatoes guy. He eats out a lot, doesn’t seem to vary his preferences so much, and is not a big fan of Mexican food.

Not. A. Fan. That seals it for me, as to classify him as a bona fide non-foodie. Pasta, as American as any other cuisine, pushes his envelope to exotic (“I’m surprised it caught on”, he said) so when I might cook up some Thai, Spanish, Moroccan, or Filipino food I might as well ask him to eat snakes and lizards or insects.

What is my favorite cooking, then?

Coming into my kitchen, finding items, and throwing them together on the fly.

Unlike many kitchens in America, I almost always have staples that others might not have:

-frozen seafood
-dry pasta, rice
-olives and seafood in jars or cans
-cream or cheese
-chocolate chips (more than 60% cocoa)
-frozen tortillas or bread
-raw nuts

Sometimes there is an exotic item, but the fun…the challenge of course, is to take up what’s available and put it together in a tasty and creative way. That is my favorite. Maybe a frittata of eggs, cheese, and pepper…or a paella with leftover veggies, pimenton, and frozen fish with frozen green peas.

To toot my own horn, its always reasonably tasty…and sometimes stellar, but always interesting and fun. I would like to visit a friend’s home and get let loose in the kitchen for a couple of hours.

Anyone game?