It was my day off and in a moment of weakness, I turned on the TV while I waited for some clothes to dry. Huh, Jacques Pepin on public tv! And he was making a Greek salad…except he was stacking it…layer by layer.

Huh again. I can do that.

Errands had taken me to Target for a new spatula, new two-cup Pyrex cup, and a loaf of bread. Before I knew it, I had all my ingredients but decided to wing it on the actual salad dressing. Lemon juice, garlic, Dijon mustard, and evoo. No salt because of the feta and the nicoise olives. And it came out adequately. I mean, it was easily recognizable as a Greek salad, and the addition of the tuna was fun, as well as the Peruvian sweety drop peppers.

Still, it looked cool. The result, though, confused me as my wife’s reaction was reserved. She wasn’t damning in her reaction, but neither was she enthusiastic. There are times when my cooking knocks her out of her socks which pleases me, obviously, but then there are times when she is underwhelmed.

Our reactions are different, but usually on the same wavelength but to different degrees. This is good, but sometimes as tonight, she will say that its ‘too salty’ which, in this case, I couldn’t understand as I found it perfectly finely seasoned. Oddly, tonight she thought my chili lime nuts were under salted…which I found a tad too salty.

As ever, its about balance: my balance of trusting my tastes, accepting her own tastes on their own merit, but again…balancing my taste and not getting overpowered by her own preferred parameters, particularly as I cook for her more often than not. As a cook, I cook for all at the table, and that old adage of too many cooks spoiling the broth can be so true.

Here is the Greek Salad Stack. Pretty, in its way, and fun to make.