I bought some goat cheese a few days ago to make goat cheese.

It’s a markedly simple process–boil the goat milk gently to 180 degrees, turn off the heat, and introduce a quarter cup of an acid like lemon juice or vinegar. Strain the curds through cheesecloth, and you will have, perhaps an hour later, goat cheese.

Scrape the curds out of the cheesecloth, add some salt and herbs to your taste, and put in the fridge and use within a couple of days. I cut up some garlic, added some kosher salt, and mixed it. It’s in the fridge now, cooling. I tasted it…it’s…goat cheese. Nothing amazing.

The quart of goat milk cost about $4-5 and the payoff is about half a cup of cheese.

That’s it? Not a reasonable way to save money, if that is your goal. If you want bragging rights, I made my own goat cheese…sure, knock yourself out. (Hey, guys I made my own goat cheese!) but the amount is hardly worth the effort…which is why the guy in the video some old dairy farmer used a gallon of goat milk.

I may try again, but I’ll need a cheaper source of milk.