Over the years, vegetables have become more and more a focus of my cooking, not simply because they taste damn good but because they’re pretty healthy as an addition to any diet. I’m certainly not ready to go whole hog to utilize a disastrous metaphor and become a vegetarian, but vegetables are, well…delicious.

Tonight, despite the fact that the weather was warm and comfortable, I really wanted to roast some vegetables to go along with the roasted cod I was planning. Roasted Cod with Shiitakes in Miso Broth was the centerpiece tonight. In separate roasting pans for only about ten minutes and very lightly salted, I roasted the cod and the sliced shiitakes in a couple of my paellera pans which I usually use for paella. Meanwhile, as I was pressed for time, I opted to use a couple of instant packets of miso broth rather than make it from scratch, simply to be truer to the recipe.

Once the cod and mushrooms have finished roasting, you simply place them in small soup bowls and pour the miso broth over it, then garnish with onions and…because I’m occasionally clever, sesame oil for an added dimension.

Looks good, huh? Not only pretty, but tasty, low calorie, and simple.


But not to be outdone, I had previously prepared a selection of broccoli, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, red onion, and one other root vegetable as well. Ah! Turnips! Really, folks–cut up your veggies to similar sizes, drizzle EVOO over it, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. It’s healthy, low calorie, and easy as…er, pie.


We had a little vinho verde from Portugal still in the fridge which was a suitable accompaniment.