I promised my wife that I would cut back on the dessert baking, but while its not considerably difficult to avoid the sweets baking, I still have this…need to put things into the oven and watch them rise up…fluff a bit. So I figured I might make something she won’t like.

Crackers. Cheesy crackers in the shape of whales.

I haven’t tried my hand…much at making crackers, much like efforts to make puff pastry and croissants–I mean, I eat crackers when I have a nice pâté or dip for them, and croissants? If I get the urge for a buttery, crusty, flaky thing, there are a dozen places within ten minutes bike ride. But…but these are…whales. Not those Pepperidge Farm cheese Cracker Barrel fish.

Look…look, is that adorable or what?


Wait a minute…I never say ‘adorable’. This either means I’m actually gay or…no, wait, I’m married. Oh #%$& never mind.., these crackers are adorable. And I made them. So there!

Thanks again to the wonderful folks here for this recipe!