This morning my wife told me to start counting her calories again as she felt like she was starting to regain a couple of pounds. For me, I am still trying to determine what my ‘fighting trim’ should be, though I’m pretty sure that at 210 I’ll be happier than at 214.

So today, after I cleaned the microwave and wiped down the oven and stovetop (including running the stove’s CLEAN mode for the interior which takes 2-4 hours), I felt it was time to celebrate the clean kitchen by messing it up with this recipe from Leite’s Culinaria for a Satsuma Orange Cake. Other than a visit to my doctor late this afternoon, I’ve been stuck in the house during the oven cleaning mode (wife flips into orbit if I leave the oven on even for five minutes to pick her up from BART, pointing out that if I were to get into a car accident–most accidents occur close to home–then no one might get home to turn it off and our biggest investment our home might burn down and then where would we be? And who could argue with my local safety warden over that?)…

Ahem…as I was saying, I’d been stuck at home so it was time to bake.

In case you’re wondering, dinner is leftovers. Pulled pork on buns with BBQ sauce, cucumber salad and Spiced green bean salad from a couple of days ago. I also bought a couple of bottles of beer from TJ’s, one of which is from Stone Brewing. Very hoppy, very fresh and thick. I felt like I could have spooned it out as easily as drink it. Not bad. Different. It was called Arrogant Bastard Ale. Dot com if you’re inclined to learn more.

A few extra steps to make this cake. After creaming butter with the sugar in the stand mixer (it was warm enough today that ten minutes out of the fridge it was room temp), you add the eggs and the flour and salt mixture. The satsuma oranges (technically I used minneolas because the produce guy and the hot Asian woman beside the display said they were seedless and sweet) are sliced and cooked in sugar and lemon juice, then draped over the top of the unbaked cake. The orangey syrup is drizzled over the finished cake after cooling.

Came out nicely…though a little too cooked at the edges.