It isn’t often…ok, that is one big fat lie…it is often that I get a chance to push my wife’s buttons…not that I intend to do it…it just sorta happens. If one consults The List, one will see that some of the ingredients and items that will rock the dinner hour with my beloved are things like:
– spicy flavors
– cumin
– cilantro
– curry

So when I decide to use what’s in my larder and put together a Thai curry which pretty much embodies everything on that list…well, sparks will fly. The biggest no-no on The List is spicy– and despite reducing the Thai ‘mouseshit’ pepper to only 3/4 of a single pepper, and leaving out the seeds….her first words were…”Wow, very nice.” And two seconds later they were “Oh Christ hothot migodthereitis...” as her sensitive taste buds reacted like a tourist at a Hawaiian lava flow.

The Spiced Sesame Haricot Verts pretty much saved the dinner for her, as they were sweet and savory enough to satisfy.


I’m not sure what to do when the cook wants a little heat and the audience/wife simply wants to survive the evening without scorched tongue flesh. Well, I can always wimp out and make it sans heat…but keep a bottle of sriracha by my plate.