Monday is a day off for me as well as a day, lately, to catch up with housework, projects and the like. Made an appointment for the ureteroscopy, called the social worker for my aged uncle, and called to see what’s up with an IRA I had to cash out. Stuff like that.

Today I did all that, and also prepped a few items for the next couple of days. Took out some frozen, cooked ribs for tonight, baked several scones to put in the freezer to last a few days of breakfasts, and used up the bananas from my wife’s workplace for banana bread.

Soon I’m off to the coffee shop I work at where I make some of their baked goodies.

Frozen scones which go into the fridge the night before for baking the following morning


Banana bread with walnuts–nothing special but maybe one day I will dope out a nice twist