I’m tooting my horn here, folks. I made a lusciously sinful(as my Mom used to say) Gateau Therese Chocolate Cake last night which came out smashingly. I figure…perhaps…I can consider myself a successful baker when the mess of pots and utensils doesn’t take as much time to clean up as to eat the results.

First…melt the chocolate and butter in a makeshift double boiler


Prepare your loaf pan using David Lebowitz’ method of having parchment paper handles sticking out to more easily remove the cake from the loaf pan (very cool)


Get your mis en place together…egg yolks, flour, sugar


Next take your egg whites and put them in your stand mixer (yeah, that’s what it’s called) and whip dem eggies till they’re stiff


Bake that bad boy for 30 minutes or so and pull it out. Admire


Don’t think about the dishes that wait to be cleaned…oh, yeah, this is only about half of it


Have yourself a thin slice, split the thing in half and give the lioness’ share to your wife to take to work so that they all have to deal with the weight gain. Be content that you only have a little cake to eat and can continue to see your toes.