My wife, despite her utter dismay with my face now shorn of a beard, remains honest and my most ardent and supportive critic. This afternoon I found in the San Francisco Sunday Chronicle Food section a recipe for Grilled Shrimp with Lime Powder and Parsley-Olive Oil Sauce, served over rice. The stickler, you might guess, was the lime powder (wtf?) which would be a slight trick to find in the time I had allowed myself to prepare for dinner, but the substitute of lime zest and juice certainly worked in this particular pinch.

While I am considered something less than a male due to my lack of outdoor barbecue equipment, I do have the indoor plancha (iron grill) I picked up at The Spanish Table here in Berkeley.


Alas, my wife’s one astute observation was that the shrimp (jumbo, in this case) could have stood a few more minutes on that grill. Fortunately, both of us are fans of sushi so this wasn’t a deal breaker, and the marinade and sauce for the shrimp was delicious.


Besides the rice, I decided on making Persian Corn on the Cob which finds those ears of corn boiled in salt water, brushed with butter and saffron, and rolled in a Greek yogurt sauce with mint, parsley, and orange zest. Very different, very good.