Another near perfect success tonight.

Wifey and I took a trip over to the Temescal Farmer’s Market today before it closed to see if I could score some nice veggies. We did manage a nice bunch of organic kale for the Shaved Fuji Apple and Kale Salad (evoo, lemon juice, Parmesan, and honeyed almond pieces–delicious)


As ever, a delightful selection of nice looking produce literally from farm to urban parking lot–alas at prices usually a bit higher than one would find at the local grocery. Of course, lots of artisanal items for sale as well, from jams to baked goods to Blue Bottle Coffee, cheese, etc. I’d love to be hip enough to bring myself to spend $10 for a 6 oz jar of jam but…but…ok, it’s artisanal and made locally with love and care and organic sources…good.

I’m just not their market. But enough kvetching.

Main course was fried tilapia on a bed of roasted, mashed sweet yams with a sklortch (don’t try to look it up) of butter and fresh sage, topped with bits of breadcrumbs, sage, and crispy bits of pancetta. Very nice.

It needed an extra punch, both my wife and I agreed, and should I try this again, I may add bits of chopped nicoise olives (per Angela’s suggestion) to add a bit of salt and color to what is already a pretty looking dish.