I’ve put on about five pounds in the last couple of months; been seesawing between 213 and 217 and its been irritating! A number of events have proven a confluence on my health which I will briefly elaborate upon.

My Mother Is Slowly Passing On

I suspect that this is the key, as I’ve taken on the stress of this transition physically. My lower back is tight as a drum, it aches and it affects my posture which throws out other parts of my sacroiliac (whatever that might be) so my back occasionally cramps up, walking for extended periods results in other muscles tightening, and I am frankly sick, sick, sick of it. Then my knees can get wonky, as well and I feel like I’m ready for a nursing home,

Kidney Stone

Oh, yeah, that. Still hasn’t passed, and this might actually be contributing to all of this. Been needing to drink water like an elephant to get the damned thing to move–no go. I and the doctor gave myself two weeks to pump it out. If not, it’s time for a ureteroscopy which involves slipping a tube up my you-know-what, firing up a laser, and later pulling out the string which would be attached to the stent. As I don’t plan to be in the same state as where this procedure would take place, I was told that it would be best for me to actually be in the operating room when it happened. Narcotics and anaesthesia are your friends.


Ha. Nothing, no biking, can’t walk for shit, so of course I’m putting on a couple of pounds. Not good, so I’ve battened down the hatches and, following the advice of everyone from wife and friends and social worker, I’ll start to think about my own health and happiness, even as my Mom continues to slip away. I’ll try. It’s possible, I know.

It’s been a rough several weeks, it seems, since my Mom returned from the emergency room. But no, it’s not been several weeks; maybe its only been a month. I really don’t know.