All those strawberries? Shame to waste them, but as I’m committed to living out my life being able to look down and see my toes (not to mention) I am fully capable of baking sweet desserts and simply…giving them away; in this case, to my wife’s office mates.

Making pastry dough is a big ol’ floury mess, and despite this new kitchen, it isn’t really as friendly to baking as I would like to have it. That will have to wait till the retirement home someday. To be able to have a huge countertop area with room to roll out dough without bumping into ‘things’…well.

So, when I make pastry dough, I make a goodly amount. Today, for instance, I followed the same recipe with a change–the first used two eggs for its liquid component while the latter I simply used ice water. The egg-based dough will be richer, of course, and the slightly warm yellow color indicates it clearly. The other with just water, well…the dough looks like me after being out in the sun for awhile–off white.

Right now the egg-based tart shells are being pre-baked as these will have a fruit filling and a pastry cream which might readily soak through an unbaked shell. There was enough dough left over from that batch to roll out another couple of six-inch tart shells. They both will get double-wrapped and frozen for use at a later date (within one month, ideally).

Here are the two tart shells baking away under 400 degrees for a second ten minutes to get suitably browned. So–for about 45 minutes work, I was able to put together six tart shells–at least.


Oops. I notice that one of the tart shells I’m baking is shrinking up a bit, slipping down from the sides.

Note also how much browner the smaller one is; a bit overdone, alas. Not much to do for that at this point. We may keep that one and eat it ourselves.


…aaaaannnddd….here ya go.