As my Mom lay dying preparing for her own Last Supper in heaven (or first, depending on how you choose to view these things), and as I’d done what I could for the day at her hospice location, it was now time to unwind, make myself relax and feel a bit more human…and cook.

I am not one to sit by my mother’s side watching her snore and slowly fade all day…though I manage to visit each day to see her, check on her status, and assuage my guilt at not being there 24/7. I like to at least pretend that life matters right now…and cooking is a good therapy for me.

Terrine Forestiere

Wild mushrooms, a variety of truffles, hedgehogs, oysters and more sautéed in a bit of butter with shallots, then covered in a sauce of eggs, creme fraiche, a bit of nutmeg, and baked for twenty minutes till set. Was it rich? Eggs? Creme fraiche? Mais certainement! And delicious.

Sauté the shrooms and shallots…


Pour into the mini-pan (and believe me, doing a half-recipe did us all a favor)


The baked result..




…and the bits that were left…


Asparagus Salad

Simple as pie…or eating pie, anyway. Boiled asparagus and a sauce of lemon, evoo, Dijon mustard, and a bit of honey


Mussels Marouniere

Simple sauce of onion, thyme, wine and creme fraiche


Add a little wine and bread…and my wife (not pictured)