For simply practical reasons, I prepare scones for breakfast at home, just as I do at Cafe Tribu in Oakland. They can be mixed, frozen, and swiftly baked to need each morning without much hassle. They freeze well so they’re less of a ‘commitment’ and cost should they not sell through in a timely manner–unlike fresh croissants or muffins which might not take as readily to freezing.


Cafes I have learned are a tough business because you simply can’t charge all that much money for what many consider a casual dining experience, so savvy cafe proprietors, if they have the wherewithal, might choose to open a restaurant instead wherein, at least, you can charge more money for the meal (as if restaurants were in themselves not a huge risk).

Well, that be as it may…this morning I made mango blueberry muffins, even though they may not freeze well, we both needed a break. The other day I prepared scrambled eggs with asparagus and toast, which was different and fine. I also prepared at my wife’s request bibingka…from a package mix. We had been getting in a breakfast rut–or at least, I was.

These muffins are simple to prepare and there are plenty of recipes out there for ‘fruit’ muffins–simply choose your favorite berry or fruit, cut into small bits, and fold in with your batter and scoop it into the muffin tins.

I enjoy Saturday mornings to spend some time with my wife before work at around noon, and we quietly sit drinking coffee, roaming the Internet, or having furious post-muffin sex on the kitchen table.

Ha. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.