It has been a weird and surreal day for me, the details of which will be readily apparent to all my personal friends, workmates, and any follower of my life on Facebook. Leave us simply say that after recent events, I am at peace with the sudden changes and will come out at the other side ‘ok’ and perhaps in a better place than I have been for the past couple of years. I learned a couple of important lessons about the universe through this experience, and the best way to deal with a loss is to simply plunge back into life and celebrate it.

For me, it’s cooking.

I had a pleasant day this morning, ultimately talking at length to the owner of the new Berkeley coffee joint, Lindgren Cafe (eponymously named for his surname) as well as the baker there. Nice camaraderie and sharing of experience, whether with a 50something owner or a dreadlocked young 20something baker, comparing notes as cafe workers.

A nice walk with my wife, a visit to Berkeley Bowl West, all rather un-ostentatious but serving as a convenient distraction for those upcoming events which I will have to endure.

Dinner had its St Paddy’s green with a Shaved Fuji Apple and Kale Salad, dressed with honeyed almonds, Parmesan cheese, and a light lemon and olive oil dressing. Delightful! The recipe actually calls for ichimi Togarashi pepper as well, but given that its complementary dish this evening was a Korean Kim chi and tofu soup, adding more spice to my sensitive wife’s palate was unthinkable.

And she loved the soup, even though she said her mouth was flaming (she claimed–and I always half the heat any spicy dish calls for anyway)!