This lemon ‘tree’ or, rather, bush sits in our front yard and has proven to continue to give so much despite our lack of green thumbs. We water it occasionally and it keeps giving up them little yellow balls that are so useful in my kitchen.

It inspires me to try another small container garden to grow herbs, so…we will see. Spring is around the corner.


In other news, my wife paid me an offhanded compliment the other day when she said she could barely eat any packaged foods these days, so spoiled is she by fresh ingredients cooked at home so regularly, so very gratifying.

I must admit the same–food from a box simply has no pizzazz, even if the food is tested to have the correct texture, consistency, and flavor. Sure, a Twinkie or a Hostess HoHo might deliver some measure of satisfaction, but just like how I used to feel after having eaten at McDonalds, there is a weird sense of having violated my body. (Yah, yah, you militant vegans out there, I’m aware that I am probably eating meat that hasn’t been prepared humanely or might have too many hormones, but I’m a work in progress while you guys…are simply a piece of work)