Last night, despite being under the weather (strange expression), I opted to make what would be the fourth recipe from Sunset’s March issue– almond and jam pasties. Since I was eligible for a free loaf of bread from Semifreddi’s cafe after twelve stamps, the bread was free. I had two different jams in the refrigerator (which we hardly ever use), and making the almond cream simply involved toasted almonds (though toasting was not called for in the original recipe), sugar, butter, a smidgen of salt, and an egg.

Oh, and a food processor to blend it makes life much easier.

So, this morning, I sliced two pieces of thick, one-inch challah, spread a little jam on, spread a little almond cream, and garnished with almond slivers. 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar.


My dear wife enjoyed it though she found it ‘too sweet’ which obfuscated the almond flavor..for her. For me, I enjoyed it and didn’t feel as if the almondiness was hidden at all, but don’t see how the addition of any jam is even necessary to such a sweet breakfast treat. Next time I’ll leave the jam out and maybe hold on the powdered sugar.