Thanks to whomever it was who left that copy of Sunset magazine (March, 2013)on the hood of my car a couple of days ago. Flipping through the pages, I have found no fewer than four recipes that I think will work out nicely. Have I ever mentioned that the more one cooks, the easier it is to view a recipe and its ingredients and realize that it’s going to be a winner?

Under the section of how to navigate one’s way through a Hispanic grocery store, I found a simple recipe for chicken tinga tostaditas. It called for chipotles in adobo sauce (basically jalapeños in a thick sauce in a can) which upon tasting, immediately put my own buds into four alarm mode–no, no, couldn’t put this onto my wife’s plate…NO way!

It called for little 4″ corn tortillas, shredded chicken, salsa fresca, spices, avocado, queso fresco and lots more garnishes. I chose to cook up some camarones instead so the lime-based salsa I made went nicely with the shredded cabbage garnish. It tasted very nice, and Mexican isn’t something I make very often.


Still, I mentioned three other recipes, right. My urologist treating me for my kidney stones told me to avoid cooked leafy dark green vegetables, but uncooked? No worries! Here is Shaved Honeycrisp Apple and Kale Salad, made particularly delightful with the addition of Parmesan cheese and chopped honeyed almonds. Delicious!


So…tomorrow morning I’ll make Almond and Jam Challah Pastries for breakfast, and for dinner a Vietnamese stir-fry of asparagus and shrimp.