Tonight’s dinner was from the freezer and the fridge–in that I looked at my bank account and realized that the two electronic payments I’d scheduled would clear on Wednesday and–until this week’s paycheck came through, there would be no $$ for new food…at least from my bank account.

Defrosted some chicken thighs, deboned them messily (if I continue buying unboned and unskinned chicken, I will get better at deboning I suppose), and realized that I had a lemon tree (duh!), pimenton, and garlic soo…simple.

Simple, but not particularly amazing. First clue, folks–there ain’t no picture.

Not that it didn’t look appetizing, but for whatever its worth, neither Angela or I thought that this recipe, at least, for this dish was a keeper. In essence, the quick cooking of the little strips of thigh meat in evoo, garlic, and shallot simply had no chance to meld. Best guess.

And the broccoli…epic fail. Don’t ask (ok, you can). Rather than roasted potatoes to go with this dish, I simply reheated some frozen rice. Now, I can’t give up on such a simple dish notion as chicken, lemon, garlic and paprika–just have to find a better recipe.

Oh, you want a picture? Here. Don’t say I never did anything for you.