Not fantastic, but a serviceable meal. Taking another recipe from the pages of Trattoria and given that it had cooled weatherwise considerably, I ended up spending more $$ than I should have (but needed to it turns out) by shopping at Andronico’s Grocery. As Berkeley Bowl was closed for the holiday, I could have gone to Safeway but they have no bulk section worth spit.

Got the requisite 3 ounces each of red beans, white beans, red lentils, green lentils, split peas, pearl barley etc., and figured–well, I’m already here, might as well get the onion, celery, and carrot here as well.

Cooked the muthah out of those beans and kept checking for salt–kept adding but still only vaguely apparent. Decided to stop adding it, broiled some garlic bread, and upon tasting the zuppe figured that, while perhaps adequate in a Denny’s diner way, really had nothing to speak out for it.

I provided vinegar, Parmesan, and garlic olive oil as well as hot pepper flakes as additional condiments. Again, the vinegar helped…a little, but other than saying it was fairly satisfying and filling, it didn’t ‘sing’ to me in the slightest.


And here are the condiments, along with the broiled/toasted bread to accompany the soup. The white stuff is goat cheese spread I had made the other day. The mustardy colored cheese beside it is Danish beemster, quite strong and tasty. Of course, wifey didn’t love that.