The astute of you will notice that there are four items on this plate. It’s a Filipino dish with the following items:

– Jasmine rice (no surprises)
– Atchara (bottled Filipino pickles)
– Shrimp Adobo

OK, everybody STOP.

That dish kinda sucked. Marinated for an hour in typical adobo ingredients, it was kinda tasteless. Not impressed.

-Mushroom Adobo

Whoa, quite outstanding, folks. Mushrooms slowly cooked till the sauce glazes over, very nice. Angela suggested adding the shrimp to the mushrooms at the last minute which, on reflection, isn’t a bad idea.

Good thing I only paid $5 for the shrimp rather than twice as much as the other grocery, all I gotta say.

Whoa, that pic is pretty poorly composed. Oh, well.