Damn, it was a nice idea, but I learned something new–don’t work in a rush.

I found a nice recipe for Fresh Ginger Cake and I thought yeah–warming for these winter months–but…but…my intention to make a double recipe got bollixed halfway through when I realized that I didn’t have enough molasses. Only 12 ounces–I would need 16 for a double. Well, one thing led to another–I ended up, I am reasonably sure, not putting enough flour into this recipe rather than 1.5 times the required amount…at least, I presume as much, because this cake (while tasty enough to me) was exceedingly…moist…(as the author of the cake recipe proclaimed) but…this wet?

Had I failed to put enough flour into the recipe by almost half?

I can’t rely on dear wifey to enjoy it because she is not a ‘spicy’ fan, alas–and quickly declaimed it as ‘not one of her favorites’…though I’m fairly certain that there is a big enough group of people with the taste preferences to appreciate this puppy. Ah, well–it looks good, it tastes sweet and gingery as I would hope, so alas–partly because my wife doesn’t care for it and partly because I don’t think of it as a perfect rendition of my capabilities, it will not go to her workplace as originally planned by me.

(If any folks at her work feel dismayed, they may feel free to contact me to request Angela to bring it–just so long as they realize that it isn’t 100% a cake to reflect my skills)