I wake up early some mornings, just thinking about what to make for breakfast that day. I had been toying with making eggs florentine which would mean toasting English muffins, poaching eggs, sautéing spinach, and making a Hollandaise sauce. A lot of work, but let me tell you…it isn’t something I might choose to do every morning, but it only took about 20 minutes to deliver a meal of a single egg florentine to both my wife and I.

Yes, I hear you saying...all that work for just the two of you? Eat granola, for gods sake! (I actually do have some granola on the counter–homemade and ready but–not this morning.)

I got the stovetop espresso going–that usually takes several minutes. About 3 minutes before that, I put two eggs in a pot of water to poach (about 6 minutes for near hard boiled), heated up a nonstick skillet and put a dab of pork fat for flavor (personally rendered by me, btw), and started sautéing the spinach. The muffins popped out of the toaster.

Hollandaise, a quick variety (and something I’ve never made before) involved an egg, Dijon mustard, a dash of Tabasco, and a smidgen of lemon juice. Whisked it up. Heated up three tablespoons of butter in the microwave, poured the scalding hot butter into the egg yolk mixture which started to cook it, and whisked like crazy to make the emulsion.

I put the spinach on the toast, plopped the poached egg on top, and put the small cup of hollandaise into the heated poaching water, covered it, and prepared and poured the coffee.

Served the coffee, spooned the hollandaise over each of our eggs, and voila!

Eggs Florentine for two on a Friday morning! And now its 752am, we’re psyching ourselves up for our day, and we had a spectacularly tasty breakfast.

It wasn’t that hard, folks.