My wife was in the mood for a Filipino styled dessert–Avocado Ice Cream.

The recipe she emailed me contained avocado, lime juice, sugar, and coconut milk. Put all in the food processor, blend and pour into your ice cream maker…or if no ice cream maker, then have yourself something like a purée or mousse. Different from her usual style of sugar, milk, and the avocado.

As I had added an egg white to the mix, I had apparently committed sacrilege in her eyes because the resulting mass was, as she put it, too light and puffy. Or words to that effect. She also read me the riot act about salmonella poisoning from uncooked eggs or egg whites, to which I replied that if that was a concern, then I shouldn’t make any more chocolate mousse. I have since discovered that, at least in this country, the chances of getting a contaminated egg is about once every 42 years, according to the USDA.

Anyway, I proceeded to make an egg white-less avocado dessert which she consumed this evening, and which she declared to be better than my earlier effort with egg white concoction. To my taste, there was very little discernible difference.

So Vive la difference, right?