I just earned $50 for moving a bunch of boxes of funny books, so I figured I’d just go shopping for some nice things for dinner tonight. I had left my wife at the kitchen table, scraping away on a piece of Linotype (?) for a print she was planning for this evening, and came home with enough small items to have a nice little tapas meal for the two of us.

Romesco Mayonnaise

I had made enough romesco sauce a day or two ago (frozen a good deal) and simply added a bit of mayo to the mix for a nice dip.

Sliced Baguette

Sweet, not sour, cut julienne style for bigger surface to spread this sauce over.

Miyagi and Kumamoto Oysters

Sweet, shucked and left on the half-shell, I dropped a smidgen of butter on them and put them in the broiler for a couple of minutes, then added a home made mignonette sauce with parsley for serving.


One link was enough for the two of us, fried in a soupçon of olive oil, sliced and served.

Sliced Tomatoes

Dressing just a simple mix of red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, Filipino Patis (a fish sauce), -and sprinkled with a tad of Parmesan.

Charles Shaw 2011 Pinot Grigio

Hey, for $2.49, wine snobs can suck my…cork.

Port Salut Cheese

A soft cheese, mild flavored.

Olives Stuffed With Anchovies


For dessert later, I have my homemade chocolatey sable cookies. Simple and perfect.