Most of you (might) know that making chocolate mousse isn’t exactly rocket science, but requires several steps which often include heavy cream, eggs, butter, chocolate, melting of a couple and mixing of another, whipping egg whites…well.

A lot of work for something that gets shnorked into a guest’s mouth in seconds to disappear forever. When I’ve made mousse before, it involves melting chocolate and butter and often dairy, gently adding egg yolks, sugar, then beating egg whites to the right consistency…and about three dirty, sticky bowls later–ta-daa!

Found a simple five minute recipe for chocolate mousse online tonight, calling for…get this:

– water
– chocolate (70% cacao minimum)
– a bowl of ice

Huh. So I followed the directions…except I used what was left of my heavy cream along with a little water, the remainder of my Ghirardelli 60% cacao chocolate chips, melted the two together, then pulled out my hand mixer and whipped the living day lights out of it.

Not totally happy, I added a tablespoon or so of sugar to an egg white which I whipped resolutely in my stand mixer…then used my spatula to pull it all together, pour into a couple of little ramekins, and as they say…voila!

Seriously, I had a small taste of the bowl remnants and it was chocolatey as #%$&, folks! Will I accept criticism? Maybe…but one word and I’ll grab the dessert out of their cool hands and hand it to a neighbor.

You don’t screw around with five-minute chocolate desserts with complaints.

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