Hardly an auspicious start, but I’m very happy to suddenly find myself being paid to bake…yes, paid to prepare food. Difficult to believe for this ‘fitty-something’ guy but a word in the ear, long talks with one of my favorite local cafe owners (Cafe Tribu in Oakland) has found me segueing my nascent baking skills onto the commercial, professional field.

The owner of this small, local business is a lovely Iranian-born woman and so far, I’ve been granted a fair degree of freedom, simply based on her trust in my simple skills. The hours aren’t a lot at this point, nor is the pay anything to write home about (or blog about, lets be straight), but I’m…just…happy doing it.

I can’t tell you what a silly thrill it is to see scones…baked by my own hands…sitting in the case waiting for folks to order, be served, and consume. So far its been scones, to be followed by biscotti (never made these before), and later this week a variety of banana breads.

The biscotti came out fine…literally twice-baked and suitably crisp for coffee dunking. I am not a big fan of these cookies, but I imagine they wouldn’t be in-tasty when dipped in a good coffee drink.

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